Can't make our dates & times, train your dog online!

If you can't make any of our course dates, our head trainer runs a company called Dog School Live Online Dog Training

On that website there is 33 online courses, virtual behaviour counselling & virtual one to ones, all ran by Zoom. 

Flexible learning

If you can't attend a couple of the weeks of your course then don't worry Happy Hounds DTS offers flexible learning.

Flexible learning means you can replace that week on another night. Once you enrol on your course, you email & they will send you a replacement date for the ones you will miss or have missed.

You will never lose out, we can also send you are notes that include video tutorials to catch you up.

Company Policy T & C's!

Once you have purchased your training on our shop, your balance for your training which is stated on product info is a non refundable or transferrable balance if you cancel your training.

If you are on agility & hoopers courses, one to ones or pup socials we can re-advertise your place & if we can get someone in your place we will refund or transfer you however for obedience courses this is not possible due to the fact on purchase you get all your notes to the course with video tutorials (your virtual side to the course) so we cannot refund however we could readvertise your place & if someone can swap into your date we can then defer your course to a later date. 

If you can't attend call us between 11-1pm Monday to Friday or drop us an email at 

Book your training today....

Our trainers have done a virtual course on Prevent COVID-19 to ensure we are in the loop. Certificates below.

Once you've purchased your training please click on blue or black button below to fill out your paperwork.

Information below on classes please read...

PLEASE NOTE: All obedience training classes above come with digital notes & video tutorials on each demonstration, we cannot refund any course once purchased, as the day of purchase you receive the whole course & have lifetime access to these too. We however can transfer dates to a later class start date, if the reason is lockdown due to COVID-19 for a course that hasn't started or offer flexible learning for any weeks missed due to self isolation or lock downs...